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Kieron Williamson was a typical energetic toddler.  He loved playing in the mud, investigating bugs, finding sticks and generally exploring the outdoors.  Kieron's parents, Michelle and Keith, have always been proud of him, as despite being quiet and reserved at school, he was always studious, achieving good grades and great comments in all of his subjects.  His love of the outdoors extended to sports and Michelle and Keith were equally proud of him on school sports days. 

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Winter Chill, St Benets
1a8 Winter Chill, St Benet's
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Horses in spring
1b13 Horses in spring
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2014 Exhibition Catalogue
2014 Signed Exhibition Catalogue
Reflections Holkham Beach Limited Edition Print
3a. Reflections Holkham Beach Ltd Edition Print
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Broadland Winter Limited Edition Print
3b. Broadland Winter Limited Edition Print
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3c. Kieron Williamson Christmas Cards
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7. Coming to Light Signed Second Edition
Kieron Williamson Coming to Light
9. Coming to Light Limited Edition Presentation
9a. Kieron Williamson - Sunlight and Storm Clouds
From £37.95
9b. Kieron Williamson - Summertime Surf
From £37.95
9c Kieron Williamson Quietly Grazing on the Marsh
From £37.95
Kieron Williamson Greetings Cards